Why Innovate?

  • Minimized setups
  • Minimized labor
  • Higher production
  • Higher profits

Take 60 seconds to watch how innovative workholding can get more done with less time and effort. Then browse our products to see what’s right for you.

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Workholding Systems

Vacuum Chuck System 2020

SmartVac 3

  • A Must-Have for Flat Materials

    Easily holds materials with large surface areas and thin profiles that a vise just can’t handle.

  • Easily Customized for Any Shape

    For custom shaped parts our Top Plates are easily modified to create gasket channels that match the part’s shape.

  • High Power & High Efficiency

    The Vacuum Power Unit only requires 85 psi of compressed air to draw a powerful 28” Hg of vacuum.

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The RotoVise Pro

  • 12x Production Boost

    Holding 4 parts with access to 3 sides each is a MAJOR advantage over traditional vise workholding.

  • Ultra Rigid Construction

    Made of rugged, vibration dampening ductile cast iron. The compact design doesn’t require a tailstock.

  • Universal Fit

    Fits any brand of rotary table that uses t-slot platters or 96mm pullstud systems.

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Pro Pallet System

  • Save Time & Money

    Swapping identical fixtures in and out of your machine in seconds minimizes idle spindle time and maximizes profits.

  • Solid Construction

    The Base consists of a cast iron core and hardened stainless components housed in a hard anodized aluminum body.

  • Strong & Secure

    Dual radial locking mechanisms provide over 3000lbs of downward force. These spring powered locks keep your pallets in place even if there’s a loss of air pressure.

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MAX-4 Pallet System

  • Harness the Power of a 4th or 5th Axis

    Multi-Sided Machining is the best approach for minimizing setups and tool changes. The MAX-4 multiplies these advantages by bringing High Density Workholding to the game.

  • Worry-Free Design

    The strength of zero point systems relies on the strength of a single aluminum thread. The MAX-4 Pallets use 8 fasteners on a large diameter to distribute loads. Plus, the failsafe design keeps your pallets in place even if there’s a total loss of air pressure.

  • Rock Solid Rigidity

    Our shop-proven ball locking mechanism provides over 15,000 lbs of retention force – It’s overkill to say the least.

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Mini Pallet System Base and Pallet

Mini Pallet System

  • Designed For Startups or Smaller Machines

    The benefits of high density workholding are now available for compact machines at a lower starting cost.

  • Same Robust Components

    It might be smaller but the combination of hard anodized aluminum and hardened stainless components mean it’s just as tough as our larger Pro Pallet System.

  • Strong & Secure

    The single radial-bearing locking mechanism provides over 1500 lbs of downward locking force. The spring powered lock keeps your pallets in place without air.

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