RotoVise Pro

The RotoVise Pro

The RotoVise Pro adds an incredible production boost to 4th axis machining. It is a simple and affordable way to get 12x production gains over traditional vise workholding. It bolts to common rotary tables and the compact design does NOT require a cumbersome tailstock due to its rugged construction and parts held close to the face of the rotary unit. Programming is a breeze by patterning toolpaths around the origin at the center of rotation.


  1. Ductile cast iron body for maximum dampening, rigidity and long life
  2. Sealed lead screws create a smooth action and eliminate chip jamming
  3. Hardened steel jaws feature serrated, step and flat sides
  4. Adapter plate bolts to 4 and 6 t-slot patterns and 96mm receiver standards
  5. Includes Vise Handle, Serrated Jaws and Guide Pin
    Weight – 45.4 lbs (20.6 Kg)

RotoVise Pallet


Jaw Options

  • Pallets are 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Soft Jaws are 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Steel Jaws are 1018 steel
  • Serrated Jaws are 4140 and hardened to ~45C Rockwell
  • The RotoVise Pro comes with a full set of serrated jaws installed

Get the most versatility from the RotoVise Pro with jaws and pallets.

RotoVise Accessories

SmartPlate – Rotary Riser

The SmartPlate optimizes travels by mounting rotary units in two general positions – The right-hand position places the rotary outside a machine’s working envelope to maximize X travel. The left-hand position provides an extra 1.900″ of additional rotational clearance. Compatible with machine tables with T-Slot center distances of 3.15″, 3.93″ and 4.92″ (80mm, 100mm and 125mm).

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SmartPlate Overview

Guide Pins

Every RotoVise Pro already comes with your choice of guide pin, but swapping pins allows you to bolt the RotoVise to different sized rotary tables in your company. These pins have diameters that are .003″ smaller than most common bores for necessary clearance to allow adjustment for rotary bores that are out of round, worn or have common runout tolerances.

We stock guide pins for rotary bore sizes from 1.5″ to 3.25″ and 40mm to 65mm. Custom pins and non-stock sizes are available with a 3-5 day lead time.


Printables: RotoVise Flyer (PDF) | RotoVise Quickstart Guide

Models: RotoVise Pro in STEP format

RotoVise Pro Overview

You got the machine, now maximize your output! Watch an overview of the RotoVise Pro in action.

RotoVise Pro Setup

Watch this video to setup your RotoVise Pro right.

RotoVise Pro Tips

Maximize your RotoVise Pro potential (and skip the potential pitfalls) with these top 10+ tips!

Improving an old process to make lots of 100% finished parts overnight!

Using the RotoVise Pro to machine all 6 sides of these dice in one setup!

RotoVise Pallet System

Using the RotoVise Pro with Pallets


NYC CNC: RotoVise Oversize Aggressive Machining Full Length

SmartPlate Overview

The SmartPlate is the perfect rotary unit accessory.


Simply put, a tailstock is NOT needed. Because of the compact length, rigid materials and parts held closely to the rotary table face, tailstocks have no effect on performance. We've rigorously tested the RotoVise for over four years and have cut aluminum, steel, stainless, cast iron and hardened alloys with excellent results and surface finishes at aggressive feed rates (250-600 ipm depending on material) without the need for a tailstock.

As previously mentioned, we've machined aluminum, steel, stainless, cast iron and hardened steels during the two year development of the RotoVise. In fact, most components of the RotoVise are made on the RotoVise! For comparison, we machine the ductile cast iron sliding jaw carriers at 300 ipm, .750" doc and .050" woc with a 4 flute 1/2 inch diameter carbide endmill with amazing results.

The RotoVise is designed to bolt to all brands of rotary tables that use 4 or 6 t-slots platters as well as all Haas Automation UMC models. For best results, only use rotary tables that have integrated pneumatic brakes that provide a minimum of 100 ft-lbs (136 Nm) of brake torque. Manual rotary tables also work well as long as they have a manual brake.

Each jaw station grips with up to 5,000 lbs of clamping force. Let's think about this... a good conventional 6 inch vise clamps with about 8,000 lbs. With only 3 inch wide jaws, the RotoVise has an equivalent clamping force of 10,000 lbs on half the width compared to 6 inch vises. Furthermore, the RotoVise uses a fine pitch 16 tpi lead screw to exert more clamping force for the same torque input. We've designed this to minimize torque placed on the rotary unit without compromising clamping force.

45 foot lbs maximum.The RotoVise uses a finer pitch lead screw (16 tpi) than traditional vises (10 tpi). This means the same amount of handle torque applies 60% more clamping force than a standard vise. For this reason, only the 3-arm handle supplied with the RotoVise should be used because the shorter handles limit the amount of torque applied to the brake and gears of the rotary unit.

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