The Pro Pallet System

Our 4th generation Pro Pallet System (PPS) builds on over a decade of refinements. The PPS is a high-density workholding solution designed to eliminate bottlenecks by allowing more parts to be held AND moved in and out of the machine faster than any other workholding method. The universal Base accepts four standard sizes of pallets. This manual pallet changer simultaneously improves productivity by reducing labor and idle spindle time.

Pro Pallet System
Starter Package

The Pro Pallet System (PPS) Starter Package streamlines purchasing. Click below and select the size of pallets you want with the package.

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Pro Pallet System Base

The PPS Base uses dual ball lock mechanisms to provide 3,000 lbs of locking force and 15,000 lbs of retention force. The failsafe system is air actuated for release and spring powered to lock. Repeatability is .0003″ due to the precision ground locating pins. The combination of cast iron, hard-anodized aluminum and hardenend stainless components ensures excellent rigidity and tough wear resistance.

Base Features

  1. Face Seal diverts chips and coolant
  2. Pallets locate on Hardened Pins
  3. Thermally Stable Cast Iron Core
  4. Hardened Stainless Ball Locks
  5. Hard Anodized Aluminum Body
  6. Hardened Stainless Pads
  7. Clamp on any side in any orientation
  8. Toe Clamps and Bolts included

PPS-Base – $2,295.00

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Speed Change Pallet System Radial Lock
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PPS Dimensions

Pro Pallet System Pallets

Pallets range in size from 8″x12″ to 10″x16″ and locate with .0003″ repeatability. 6061-T6 Extruded Aluminum assures easy machinability. The bottom locking surfaces use hardened stainless steel for long life. The tops are blank and ready to customize.

Pallet Features

  1. 6061 T6 Aluminum construction for easy fixture creation
  2. Hardened and Ground Tool Steel Bushings
  3. Hardened Stainless Steel Locking Inserts

Pallet Sizes:
8″ x 12″ x 1.5″ – 14.4 lbs
8″ x 16″ x 1.5″ – 19.2 lbs
10 ” x 12″ x 1.5″ – 18.0 lbs
10 ” x 16″ x 1.5″ – 24.0 lbs


Connection Kit

  • Hand Valve w/ Table Mounting Bracket
  • Air Lines (20′)
  • All Necessary Fittings

This connection kit gives you peace of mind ensuring you’ll have all the proper components to be up and running within minutes of opening the box. Plus, only one hand valve is needed to operate multiple bases when chained together. Kit is included in Starter Packages.

PPS-Connection – $95.00 USD

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Vacuum Pallet Kit

  1. Two sizes to choose from: 9.5″ x 14″ (shown) and 13.5″ x 13.5″
  2. Vacuum Connection Kit
  3. Shoulder bolts for locating Top Plates
  4. Shop proven Vacuum Power Unit

Vacuum Pallet

PPS-VPK-914 & PPS-VPK-1313

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Adding vacuum workholding capabilities to the PPS is easy with this Vacuum Pallet Kit (VPK). This kit includes our Vacuum Power Unit, Connection Kit, 25′ of Vacuum Gasket (not shown) and a 9.5″ x 14″ vacuum chuck which locks onto the PPS Base as easily as other pallets.

Pallet Hardware Kit

  • Two Lock Rings
  • Two Locating Bushings
  • Two Retaining Rings

This kit contains all the necessary components to build your own pallets. The kit includes PDF and STEP files ready for digital download at time of order.

Please note that making your own pallets requires thread milling and creation of close tolerance bore diameters. Contact us if you have any concerns.

PPS-Hardware – $85.00

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Printables: PPS Flyer (PDF) | PPS Manual (PDF) | PPS Base Dimensions (PDF) | PPS Pallet Drawing for Hardware Kit (PDF)

Models: PPS model for Fusion 360 | PPS Base model in STEP format | PPS Pallet model in STEP format

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Look at any high production machine out there and you'll see pallet changers, tombstones, and high density workholding fixtures. The industry has figured out that to maximize profits you have to maximize spindle time.

The more parts you can get in a machine per cycle and the faster you can get them in and out translates into bigger profits. The problem is that these "efficiencies" have such a high initial cost that you might not see any return on investment until several years down the road.

The Pierson PPS provides all the efficiencies of high density workholding and fast part change-outs without the astronomical price tag.

Yes! Three options are available. First, we can make custom oversized pallets. Give us a call or email for exact sizing and pricing. Second, YOU can make an oversized pallet using our PPS Hardware kit. Make sure to watch this video to program your part for best success. Finally, a custom double receiver pallet is an option for holding one large pallet using two bases. Contact us for details.

A PPS will work with any vertical machining center or knee mill. The Connection Kit contains all the components needed (air fittings, air lines, hand valve, grommets, instructions) to begin using the PPS in your machine. The only other thing you'll need to provide is an air source with a minimum of 100psi for operation.

Mounting the PPS Base is easy. The PPS Base mounts to your table with the same T-slot nuts that a standard vise uses. We even include the toe clamps and bolts.

Vises have been around for a long time and have their right place in manufacturing. High density workholding systems don't have much benefit on prototype and short run jobs, but they are not always for holding parts! Check out this video to see how customers standardize vises, indexers and clamping fixtures for single minute setups. Imagine bolting your current vises and rotary indexers to pallets and simply dropping them onto your table with no need to indicate them ever again! For more ideas on what people are mounting to their pallets, check out our Instagram feed.

Not at all. The PPS still maintains a tremendously high locking force of over 3000 lbs due to its powerful springs. This is more than enough to maintain a secure hold. Plus, other systems use hydraulics which can be a great liability of losing holding power should the hydraulic pump fail. The PPS is designed to be failsafe. The air lines can be completely removed and the system will continue to stay locked.

Spreading a light coating of grease on the alignment pins and locking bearings is all you'll need to do to ensure consistent holding force. This should be done on a regular maintenance schedule as outlined in the PPS Manual. Because all critical components are hardened, the system has shown very little wear after 100,000 test cycles. We've found that the best preventive maintenance is to keep everything clean, covered and dry when not in use.

Yes, substituting a different size pallet for the 8 x 12 that comes with the Starter Package is not a problem. Our workholding store will automatically quote the price for different pallets.

All of our products can be purchased directly through us. This allows us to establish a close relationship with our customers and provide the best applicaton advice possible. Click here to order online or give us a call to place an order at (800) 352-2894. We accept all major credit cards and company checks.